9 April 2017
Iran is top of the world in scientific publication growth
Comparing scientific publications of Islamic Republic of Iran in 2015 and 2016 in SCOPUS, it is revealed that Iran had the fastest rate of increase in scientific publications.

Dr. M.J. Dehghani, President of ISC states that Iran’s number of indexed documents in SCOPUS in 2016 is 49535. While this number in 2015 was 43111, which shows 15% growth in iran’s scientific publications.

He added: Russia and Malaysia are after Iran in second and third ranks with 11% and 6% growth respectively. Islamic Republic of Iran with the most scientific publications of the world is ranked first among 25 top countries.

However, In 2011, Iran’s share of the world’s total number of scientific publications were about 1.5%, this rate has increased to 1.8% in 2016 and currently has risen to 2.1% in 2017 which is not definite until the completion of information and revealing the final report.