3 October 2018
ISC to Host Meeting of Secretary Generals for ISESCO National Commissions – Nov. 11-12, 2018
Based on the report received by ISC’s Office of International Scientific Cooperation, the Meeting of Secretary Generals of ISESCO National Commissions will be held in ISC, Shiraz, I. R. of Iran between Nov. 11-12, 2018. In this two-day meeting, organized by ISESCO, ISC and ISESCO’s National Commission in the I. R. of Iran, secretary generals from around 40 ISESCO states will attend who will contribute in different meetings and panels. Sessions in the first day are devoted to ISESCO’s general meetings while during the second day ISC will present its services and potential to serve ISESCO-affiliated countries in a number of areas including: University ranking, Ranking of scientists as well as indexing and ranking of high quality research-scientific journals published in ISESCO region. In this meeting the Minister of Education as well as the Minister of Science, Research and Technology of the I. R. of Iran will also deliver a speech. To receive updates on this meeting we will upload other relevant news here.