24 July 2013
Iran ranked 15th in producing science in the world
The Islamic Republic of Iran ranked 15th in terms of science production in the world up to July 21, 2013 according to the latest statistics released by the Scopus database.
Based on the Scopus ranking, I.R of Iran has produced 19882 scientific articles which ranked 15th in the world. This number of articles is 1/6 of the world producing scientific articles.
Developing countries which gained a higher position than Iran are India (48178 articles) and Brazil (25194 articles).
USA (259815 articles) has published 21/1 of the world producing science which has ranked first. The next positions belong to china (189522 articles), England (76613 articles), Germany (69712 articles) and Japan (55749 articles).
By comparison with July and June of 2013, Iranian scientists produced 2637 articles which show growing in scientific articles and it seems that by the end of 2013, Iran shows a growing rate in scientific productions.