24 September 2013
Top world countries in Material Science field
Iran has gained the first rank in Material science in region during two previous years and it placed in 15th rank of the world in this field.

In Material science filed, Iran is ranked among Middle East countries. Middle East countries have produced 24423 articles in Material science as a whole.

Asia by producing 204111 articles has dedicated 40/7 % of science production share of different part of the world. After that West Europe, North America, and East Europe by producing 127847, 83023, and 35758 articles are in 2nd to 4th rank of science production (Material Science) respectively.

By country, the following are top world countries in Material Science filed:
China (19/1%), US (14/4%), Japan (5/9%), South Korea (5/6%), Germany (5/5%) are place at the first to fifth rank of the world in this science. Then India, France, England, Taiwan, Italy are at 6th to 10th rank respectively.