1 December 2013
Iran among top 20/ 60 percent of science production
On the basis of the report by ISI Iran is occupying the second rank after Turkey in the region and rank 20 in the world. “America, China, England, Germany, and Japan have the top ranks from the beginning of this year to November” It is quoted by ISC.
ISC cites: “from the beginning of Islamic Republic of Iran there have been a lot of improvement in scientific researches”. It says: “Turkey has published 22, 766 papers up to the end of 2013”. “Iran has published 29,117 papers at the same time” ISC states.
ISC quotes: “France, Canada, Italy, Australia, and Spain are placed in the ranks”. It continues: “America and Canada from the North America continent has the first and seventh rank, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and Iran are in the next ranks”.