10 July 2016
Persian language elevates to 15th position in world 2015
On the basis of the report released by Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) public relations, Mohammad Javad Dehqani added that Persian language as a scientific language ranked 30th in 2009, noting that it advanced to 28th in 2010 and 24th in 2011, 22th in 2012 and finally 15th in 2015.

He further noted that share of the Persian language in science production has always increased in recent years, as its share from the world''s entire science production was one hundred percent during 2005-2009 and reached four hundred percent in 2012.

In 2013, Persian language''s share once again increased to hit six hundred percent and the same figure was in place in 2015, Dehqani said.

The official further noted that in 2015, 92 percent of the science production across the globe was made in English language, followed by the Chinese language with a share of four percent.

Spanish, German and French languages each had a share of one percent in the international science production, he said, noting one half a percent of science production is released in Japanese language in the world.